rib cage study homework

gishfood replied to your post: Dumb doodle of self #suchgrace

are you secretly beowulf from skullgirls?

actually it’s been suggested to me before and I’m all for doing that cosplay! All I need is a wolf pelt XD

Dumb doodle of self #suchgrace

Conceptual sketch for vertebrae and spinal cord relation #scientificillustration #anatomy #vertebrae #spinalnerves

One of my favorites. Wish I didn’t draw this between pages -_- #opal #stevenuniverse

Alrighty I made one http://instagram.com/jaegerpilotmax

So I need stuff to follow XD if you have em or know of good ones send em over!

nothing posted yet.. how should i get this rolling, should I just post some old notebook stuff I like or…

I’m considering making an Instagram…

Should I? Like is it really worth it? Don’t really know how it works and I’ve been told it’s more of a girl thing but the filters look nice for when I want to post traditional art so ehh

Strong in the real way

Dude, i hope you don’t mind but I saw your pictures of the Guts! guy and I had to draw him.

I don’t think you understand. That design is badass.

And designing a character is a freakin’ challenge sometimes, so I gotta say bravo, bud!

Anyways, good luck with the project!

Of course I don’t mind! Always great to see people enjoying my characters enough to draw them themselves XD

Thank you so much!

Thought I’d do a revised Guts character sheet

someone’s been working out haha

commission for the great Wiirdo of her human Samson!



Just what I wanted to hear

I haven’y played dark souls ii in a month

I think I should change that… so how’s the DLC?

Soooo much progress today on this and it’s only my third time opening maya haha