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Saw you got college textbooks, for a microbiology textbook my college wanted me to pay $300 for a used copy without a cover, know what I did? I went in amazon, got the same book for $50 and when I was finished with the class, sold it back to the campus bookstore for around $150, amazon is your friend!!

So very true, Amazon should always be used.

Unfortunately, since I was enrolled at the last minute, I had to buy mine at the bookstore and pay through the nose : /

Got my textbooks today

my aching wallet….

Good luck in School Dude

/ A+ gif man thank you /
Hey Max! I just wanted to say congrats for getting into grad school! I know you'll do great!

Thanks Macie! I’m gonna bring the art levels to the MAX

Big announcement!

I  got into grad school!

I’ll be pursuing my MFA in Illustration and Medical media.

I feel like this is a really big step for me in my life and pursuit of a professional career, and, while I am very excited, I am also somewhat bittersweet about leaving behind some people from home and starting completely anew where absolutely no one knows me. Classes start Monday so I have to get moving but fortunately it’s only fours hours away from home.

but anyways.. what does it mean for things I post here?

Guts! willcontinue on in production but may be slower due to school work obviously… however we are very close to releasing official promotions. Gameplay is fully developed for two bosses and different environment scenarios. Mostly business issues are being dealt with.

nextly, the amount of debt this is going to continue to pile down on me is going to dramatically increase the urgency of which I expressed before about commissions and a donation stream…

only a few people have been interested in commissions as of late and since absolutely no one expressed interest in a sketch for donations stream with me I will set a hard date and time to do that. I need to do it. This venture means new text books, and all the requirements of being able to…well… livein a new place on my own in strange city so every bit helps.

thank you all for your support 

the art flow will continue and it’s only going to get better as I keep learning more and more : D


more progess on garrosh wip too…

eventually I’ll throw some colors on haha


fun with wardrobes

Edit* Added in the individual shots


My favorite gem

Garnet sketch that turned into an overworked test haha


I really really really do not understand the origin or association of the Gnome child with the Halo announcer saying “slayer” but I’m just rolling with it because its kinda funny

anyone know? because I don’t, it just kind popped up one day as i scrolled tumblr with no explanation or context

and a spooky scary skeleton hand

Where are you going?

Garrosh WIP

this time I actually looked at a reference haha

*shing sparkle sparkle

trying to figure out a background for this one

warm up self portrait sketch


Just a heads up

Financially struggling,

Guts isn’t as far as I had hoped at this point… I wanted to open up a Kickstarter by now to fund production but I still want it to be more polished before I ask for money : /

commissions have been kind of a bust

I’ve seen a lot of people be successful with a sketches for donations and stream type deal… would anyone be interested in that if I got on my mic and did requests for donations?? 

I have a button ;;

guys I’m very serious, I cannot realistically keep doing this without any support or patronage

as most of you know, tuition is nothing to sneeze at and I don’t currently have a job since I’ve been working on the Guts! project… but I can’t keep doing this while its still in limbo

please please, I know a few of you have reblogged this but what I need is feedback to know if this can really work

if you’re not familiar with my work I’ve got all sorts of buttons linked to my different artwork and commission info. Check it out!