Modeling homework done..I’m pretty stoked with how some of these turned out #maya #wbc #whitebloodcells #cgi #3dmodeling #sciencebitch

crazycherry14 replied to your post: sketchy swordsman commission wip

His face just says “You what, fucker?”

sketchy swordsman commission wip

der-stein Asked:
Your work is incredible

get out of towwwnn

((but seriously thank you!))

Elephant doodle on some notes

My friend said it looked scared : ((

Friday night modeling?! Work is never done >-< #wbc #3dmodeling

it’s a  monocyte white blood cell… gonna do all the lysosomes tomorrow 

Bro do you even lift?? Added in the upper muscles today #muscles #anatomy #scientificillustration

First major assignment completed!

Conceptualized exposure of spinal cord in the thoracic vertebrae

Sorry for the lack of art this weekend, I’ve been studying like crazy for my anatomy exam tomorrow… err today. 

regularly scheduled art will be back once I kick some ass! As always i have a huge list of things I want to draw as I think of em haha

Eyy gurl #skeleton #funny

Just having fun in the studio

he’s getting ripped now

Started making a white blood cell this time, here’s the initial render

…this shader is waay too glowy -_-

I like to entertain my floormates with doodles on my doors dry erase board haha #aot #snk #colossaltitan

quick Cerebella pin up just for fun